Yolande Olhaus

Yolande Olhaus

Coach Lead - CPT
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Yolande Olhaus

Yolande Olhaus-Sluiter is a Transformational Coach and Facilitator, specializing in Career and Personal Development with a strong focus on incorporating Emotional Intelligence as part of her skillset. This often, overlooked component is vital in knowing and understanding the driving force behind once own emotions as well as understanding the emotions of others.

She incorporates her 30 year’s human behaviour experience gained in HR and Corporate Recruitment in her Coaching business. With her innate passion for people development both professional and personal, Yolande found her new true North as a Life Coach in 2012.

Shortly afterwards she made the courageous transition from being in Corporate employment to taking the jump into Entrepreneurship. She has not looked back and has made it her mission to passionately guide Powerful Women transition and transform from merely existing in life to truly living their lives without fear and regrets and to live their lives from a place of authenticity and self-love. She uses her knowledge of psychology partnered with her strong intuition to elegantly and compassionately guide and empower women (and men) all over the world to make successful and sustainable changes in their lives.

Transformation has always been a passion for Yolande, having left the Netherlands at the age of 23 with just a suitcase in hand, to commence a life in South Africa. With excellent skills in relationship management, she soon settled and build a successful career in HR and Account Management. She married in 1989 and had two beautiful daughters with her husband. In 2008, after a marriage of 19 years, she decided to make a fresh start for herself and her daughters. Shortly thereafter, she stood by her father as he transitioned from a healthy, active pensioner to a man riddled with the big C in a matter of months, leading him to making the courageous decision to end his own life, which in the Netherlands is a legal right granted to its citizens.

As a result of these 2 life changing events, she truly stepped into her life purpose as she started searching for a deeper understanding of who she was, when not a wife, a mother, a daughter, an employee etc. This quest led her to the concept of Life Coaching and as they say the rest is history 😊 She is passionate about guiding her clients finding their very own real meaning in life and make the rest of their life the best of their life!

Yolande moved to Cape Town in 2018, which is when her involvement with Releasing Eagles commenced. It has been her greatest pleasure and honour to be a part of this visionary and compassionate team of professionals. Yolande has been offering her services as a Coach, coaching RE Mentors in the last 2 years, before being asked to take on the role of Coach Coordinator in 2021.

Yolande lives in Noordhoek where she, in addition to her Coaching practise, runs a B&B with her partner John, accompanied by their 3 cats. She is a passionate animal lover and donates freely of her time to the local animal charity TEARS.