Testimonials from our mentees

Testimonials from our mentees

Some feedback from our mentees for the year 2021 

 Mentees moving into step up mentors: 

“I have been with Releasing Eagles for about 5 years and counting. I must say the experience has been nothing short of amazing. Although, Covid did take a little toll on us because we had to adapt to a lot of new things such as no longer meeting face to face and having to become familiar to the virtual space. Highly thankful for Zoom as it made 2020 and 2021 much easier for the RE family to stay connected. Super glad that covid did not stop us from having our normal RE workshops and that this year, we successfully had the annual end of year function. Which was not virtual, luckily, so it was great to connect in-person again”. 

My journey as a Mentee has been one of growth, constantly learning something new about myself and gaining more confidence in myself through the help of my mentor. I had the opportunity to step up and become a mentor last year, but I knew I needed time to let everything that I have learnt about myself and other aspects of life to sink in so that I am ready to share that growth with someone else. Now, through the guidance and patience of my own mentor, I am able to say that I have the strength to help someone else spread their wings and soar like an eagle. I am really excited for the Mentor journey that I am about to part take in.

  • Sisanda Madwayi

Releasing Eagles had to make the “new normal” work. 

I have been part of the mentees of RE for many years now. When covid hit many things changed, we had to adapt to meeting online for our workshops and constantly scheduling check-ins with my mentor on Zoom. Although these changes came with its disadvantages, the advantage is that the learning and growing as an individual never stopped. My mentor and I made sure that we checked-in as much as we could and stayed on par with reaching our goals. My mentor taught me not to overthink and when I do, I should ask myself “who told me that?”. Thus, when the opportunity to become a mentor came this time, I knew I was ready. I am ready to continue learning and more importantly, I am ready to support and care for another eagle.

  • Asanda Madwayi

New mentee: 

Being a new mentee in RE was very scary and new.  I didn’t really know my mentor but over some time I got to know her better and some of her friends too. Being a mentee opened my mind to try new things. It also helped me improve my self – esteem. RE hosted workshops in 2021 which I enjoyed as it made me look at things differently.

As a new mentee and an introverted person, I was creeped out at the fact that I had to go out and meet new people on the walk for a girl day and it was my first time meeting the RE family. At first, I didn’t want to go because i thought I was going to faint from the pressure of talking to new people, however I ended up going to not disappoint my mentor and surprisingly the walk and picnic was lovely. I met lots of new people, we took pictures, played games, ate and my mentor even helped me to open up myself to talk to other people. Everyone was so polite and fun. I enjoyed their company and overcame my fear of meeting new people. RE has being nothing of amazing and I’m excited to continue my journey with them. 

  • Nurjaan 

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