Spiritual Intelligence Workshop

Spiritual Intelligence Workshop

Spiritual Intelligence is first and foremost an “experiential awareness of being” expressed, not as one’s ego, but as one’s Essential Beingness and subsequently articulated as one’s Deeper and Authentic Self – which brings forth the associated higher emotions and abilities in relation to the dimensions of Spiritual Intelligence!

These dimensions are known as Compassion, Unconditional Love, Joy of fulfillment, Wisdom, Forgiveness, Inner Peace that passes understanding, Gratitude, Detachment, and Surrender with Grace.

Our Spiritual Intelligence workshop hosted by Candice & Dirk was a massive hit amongst the RE community. Aptly themed ‘A Call to Purpose’, this SQ session was a deep and reflective one that questioned whether each individual on the call had found their purpose and how it can be applied through authentic self-enablement.

Following Dirk’s provided methodology of fulfilling an intention, our eagles were guided through the process using a practical real life challenge they were currently facing. 

Pause –> Connect –> Reflect –> Choose –> Continue in Gratitude

Through the use of a powerful guided walkthrough, exploration and resolution were discovered.

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