February 2, 2016

Saihania Naidoo


Saihania is the national mentorship coordinator for Releasing Eagles and also supports the leader for Johannesburg. She loves outdoor activity, creating things and challenging people. She is currently completing her final year of her LLB degree at Wits and this is what she had to say about her connection with Releasing Eagles.   “I was attracted by Releasing Eagles because I’m in the same boat as most of the mentees. I too am facing life changing decisions and challenging character-defining moments. I remember the feeling of leaving Matric and thinking ‘now what’. It can all be very daunting, but lets not do it alone. Releasing Eagles won’t define your path, but will hold your hand while you discover yours. We clap our hands when you’ve achieved goals and use those very same hands to catch you if you fall. I’ve always wanted a sister and this is the perfect opportunity to gain friends who eventually become family.  My one tip of advice: I used a pencil to write on my bathroom wall ‘I’m destined for greatness’, simply because positive affirmations really do work. I challenge you to try your own.”