Mentee / Mentor Pairing

Mentee / Mentor Pairing

By Tiah & Hlengiwe

Some first hand experiences of the mentor / mentee pairing this year…

Step up mentor:

My thoughts about the mentee pairing was petrified but yet thrilled. My hands were clammy and I was beyond nervous. I didn’t know how I would guide a young teenager through her life journey when I myself was a teenager too. With just finishing matric and having to start university I was scared of the ‘what ifs’,  but I knew that I wanted to do it. I was excited at the same time, because for once I can show off what my mentor has taught me through our journey together. Just the gentle reminder of the bond that we (my mentor and I) have formed gave me hope for not only the mentorship but the friendship that I would be building with a little stranger. 

The day I was told about the new step up mentor program that Releasing Eagles was doing, fear creeped upon me. I saw myself as a leader but not as someone who could take credit for someone’s life choices. I could not help but feel as if it was a responsibility that I was not ready for. But yet I pushed it away and thought why not? Why not share my knowledge that I have gained in these four years that I’ve been at RE and actually do something meaningful with it? Why not let someone actually benefit from my success? Why not help someone else? Instantly I said yes to it and now I’m paired with an eager and intelligent young lady. It’s been interesting and I’m so excited to be walking this journey with her!

~ Firdous Mokadam

New mentee: 

First of all this programme all together has been such a great platform for me . It makes me feel so loved and cared about.On the other side I have got a mentor that cares so much about me and my school work because everytime she makes sure that I am sorted . The virtual session was so interesting and amazing , it helped me to realise a side of me that I never even knew it existed. It encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and explore new things in life , and I am very grateful for that session . I am also very grateful for the opportunity to be even part of this programme . I hope for nothing but the best for this programme and also for my journey with RE.

~ Obakhe Fulani

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