Meet a mentor called Tiah

Meet a mentor called Tiah

My name is Tiah Julius, I’m 20 years old. I am in my second year of studying natural medicine at the University of Western Cape.

This year I had a great opportunity to be a mentor through Releasing Eagles Organization. I have been volunteering at a non-profitable organization since the age of 14 because I absolutely love giving back to what has been instilled into my life.

I am a co-founder of a social group called “Be A Blessing”. As young people, our vision is to bless others in every sphere of their lives. Through releasing eagles I believe I can be a blessing to my mentees and to my fellow mentors, the same way that they are a blessing to me.  I have the privilege of impacting the lives of two lovely young ladies. My mentees are Firdous Mokadam (14) and Kaede Meyer (17). I have seen them growing and maturing into positive and confident individuals.

With the help of Releasing Eagles, they are molding into 2  beautiful sucessful young ladies. It blows my mind to think that setting up goals and installing values in between after school hangouts and coffee dates could foster such a beautiful relationship. It’s been such a privilege mentoring these young ladies so far. They not only stepped out of their comfort zone but they exude characteristics of being valued, loved and acknowledged.

Being involved in Releasing Eagles has grown me personally so much and has taken my life to a whole new level as I am able to share my experiences with my mentees and also learn from them. Releasing Eagles is a space that enriched my life through personal growth in every area of my life. I enjoyed the workshops and felt that it was very practical. I feel like I have been adopted into a family that supports, care and celebrates your achievements. I have been challenged in so many areas, thus bringing out the best in me and in others.

I look forward to many future possibilities and stories that will be birted through the impact of mentorship.

Yours truly

Tiah Julius

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