Meet a Mentor called Jess

Meet a Mentor called Jess

Joining Releasing Eagles this year came just at the right time in my life as I had just finished my Honours in Psychology last year and was applying for my Master’s degree. After an exhausting year of studying, I have had the opportunity this year to focus on volunteer work.

Becoming a mentor at Releasing Eagles who is in partnership with Ikageng, a Soweto-based organisation, enables me to inspire and empower young girls. I hope to help them reach their full potential and confront stumbling blocks along the way. Hopefully, my experiences at school and university will encourage and motivate the mentees to reach for their dreams.

I have also recently become a counsellor at Life Line and am volunteering weekly at a centre for young adults with multiple disabilities.

My mentees, Thando and Nomi, and I have a very good relationship and have weekly contact with each other. I had the privilege of visiting Nomi’s family in Soweto and was made to feel very welcome. What a lovely family!

My mentees have made a difference in my life and I hope that I have made a difference in theirs!

Oh, I forgot to mention, I am disabled. This has not held me back as I refuse to allow anything to stand in my way. I believe my challenges have helped shape who I am today and it has also given me the greatest gift of empathy and compassion that I have for others struggling with their own individual challenges.

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