Meet a Mentee Edith

Meet a Mentee Edith

My journey on Releasing Eagles, Oh my goodness where do I begin!!!!

My name is Edith Sekelero, I am 22 years young.

I joined the RE programme in May 2016. It was really an unexpected experience. I was accompanying my younger sister to join the programme on a chilly winter morning, and seeing the beautiful work the ladies were doing and wanted to do, I was also hooked.

Mentors were matched up with mentees on that day and luckily there was an extra mentor and I was offered the opportunity to join if interested, so I did.  It has  been an awesome teaching and learning road ever since…

RE is a women development programme. It aims to motivate and develop young women, to stay on your way up the success ladder and to raise with yourself another women/young lady. Our sessions taught me a lot and I carry the lessons with me everyday.

Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional and Social Intelligence was our focus.

Of some of the things we have learned is what to say to yourself, to be aware of your surroundings and how can you better your situation and change it. I am really grateful for the programme, we need more of them in our societies…

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