Meet a Mentee called Sisanda

Meet a Mentee called Sisanda

Hi, My name is Sisanda Madwayi a 15 – year – old girl that attends Settlers High School and in Grade 9. I play hockey for my school’s team, absolutely love my drama classes and the gym as I enjoy keeping fit. I am also an identical twin, my sister and I share quite a lot in common literally and figuratively.

As anyone else, I too would like to be successful in life and do a job I love with passion. I’d like to further my studies at the University of Western Cape (UWC), by studying towards becoming a Doctor or Psychologist.

I recently joined Releasing Eagles as a mentee and I have a great mentor by my side, who encourages me to be the best me I can be. Thus far Releasing Eagles have helped me better myself by discovering the real me, by leading me towards better paths which in turn will assist me to reach my goals/dreams. It has also taught me to see the potential inside me and not be phased by what others think, as it will only limit me from living my best life.“Those who strive to achieve but dream to believe – can do more than those who never cease to believe in what they can and cannot achieve.” – Trevor NoahThank you Releasing Eagles for taking the time to help me soar like an eagle and discover the potential inside of me. Sisanda Madwayi

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