Jozi RE- Connect Nov ’21

Jozi RE- Connect Nov ’21

A windy and overcast morning saw the arrival of big smiles and much excitement as our mentors & mentees came together for the first time nearly 2 years!

Reconnecting in person brought about the natural flow of conversation that no computer can come close to mimicking. To kick off the session we held a check in to see where everyone was at – from still writing matric exams to entrepreneurs and tackling a soccer field clean up for a community, our eagles had endured and certainly risen above the storm of the past 2 years. 

The conversation morphed into what was the greatest takeaway from the 2020 and subsequent lockdowns. Wisdom and stories of overcoming came flowing from all corners of the room. Some overarching themes were ‘finding peace’ and ‘acceptance’ in the unprecedented time period.

 As we closed the session, Robin & Hlengiwe had a moment of appreciation to the mentors & mentees of 2021 – handing out of certificates and gifts in recognition.

Our sincerest gratitude goes out to Lornelle Matjan from E’lique Advisory for the sponsorship of the superb venue.

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