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Picnic and Chill

Bring Snacks and Share Happiness

Back to a Boy Hike

Back a boy hike we had 15 amazing boys aged 14 – 18 who arrived as strangers and left as connected brothers.

Leadership Weekend

Incredible human beings working with one goal in mind and that is to serve the next generation of leaders.

Inspiring Workshops

Inspiring Workshops

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Employability Skills Workshop

To broaden your skill set, from communication to adaptation to changes, to ensure that you are well-prepared for the upcoming job.

Pillow Talk & Bro Code

To have deep conversations about their everyday realities, find wisdom from each other’s experiences and create a safe space for growth and support.

Growth & Fixed Mindset

To think about ourselves and our abilities shape our lives which affect the way we feel, what we achieve, whether we stick to new habits, or if we will go on to develop new skills.

Who Am I?

To tap into your emotions, your patterns, beliefs that drive your thinking and you will leave the session knowing what your values are and how to live from them.

Mentors & Mentees Programmes

Mentors & Mentees Programmes

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Jozi Vision Boarding Workshop 2022

Setting intentions for the path we will traverse this year is a critically important part of creating our vision and goals!

Cape Town REconnect Event

We understand the importance of in person connections for our beneficiaries.

Mentor & Mentee training for 2022

These sessions are critical for the success of RE and set the tone for the year ahead. May the year ahead be one of epic vision, clarity and actions eagles!

Come and Be Part of US

Come and Be Part of US

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