December 17, 2015



We deliver this service through partnerships with universities and career assessment service providers. The career assessment is followed by a one-on-one session with candidate and if need be parents to discuss the results of the career assessment.

We have partnered with Tshedza to respond to this need of our mentees and mentors on the programme. Tshedza is a mobile app that helps young people to choose the right career the first time. Think of it as a virtual career coach that helps on how to make critical decisions about careers and the future. Through the platform young people are able to find careers that are compatible to them based on an interaction with it, find courses in South African universities that young people should pursue, know about the different high schools combinations and marks required for eligibility and automatically check if they qualify to register.

Young people are encouraged not to allow the lack of facilities to take their future hostage and to take advantage of this free app and start building on a bright future.
TshedzaApp – Ignite your future.


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