February 10, 2016

Candice Booysen

Releasing Eagles is a non- profit company founded by Ms. Candice Booysen in September 2011. Ms. Booysen is a practising psychologist and is registered with HPCSA and SIOPSA. She has been involved in community work since 2005. She is passionate about growth and development of individuals, teams and organisations. She has extensive experience in talent management, human capital management and organisational development and is currently serving as Human Capital Executive for an IT software organisation. She also serves as a director on two boards within the IT space. Her desire to make a difference in the lives of communities, families, organisations and her county at large gave rise to this Non-Profit organisation. She has mentored and coached many young women and has witnessed many remarkable success stories of their individual journeys (see testimonial page). Her vision is to serve as a catalyst and springboard for young woman through her coaching and mentorship programme. She is currently pursuing her PHD specifically focussing on transformational leadership and the Generation Y workforce.