Back a Boy Hike

Back a Boy Hike

Releasing Eagles & Kay Mason Foundation back a boy hike 2021. Thank you so much for helping make this day possible for our men of the future.

At the 2021 Back a boy hike we had 15 amazing boys aged 14 – 18 who arrived as strangers and left as connected brothers.

In a discussion had on kings block, devils peak, a common subject that stood out was, “direct and indirect pressure to perform at school”. Organically growing the topic it was mentioned some of the pressure is applied by parents, schools, teachers, social circles and themselves to achieve higher grades and academic success, even through they are already averaging 75%.

The impact of this kind of pressure leads to almost unmeasurable poor social, physical and emotional health. The most amazing thing to see was that these boys allowed themselves to be vulnerable without the fear of judgment and even started pairing up to find solutions in assisting their peers in challenges that they may have experienced.

We look forward to more boys joining releasing Eagles in 2022 and hope you can assist by referring at least 1 male mentor. – Lance Botha

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