Releasing Eagles

To create a safe environment of trust, love and support in which others have the freedom to discover their vision and explore possibilities. Establishing platforms where authenticity, uniqueness and purpose are celebrated in a manner that inspires others to do the same.









Our mission is to raise the level of consciousness of our generation pertaining to their purpose in life and their impact on their world. Creating platforms and environments where dreams and potential of our young leaders are incubated and nurtured through strategic partnerships. We aim to set a new standard by empowering and encouraging young people to strive towards achieving their maximum potential spiritually, mentally, socially, economically, financially, psychologically, educationally and physically. The freedom to explore these aspects relating to the body, mind, spirit and soul are being addressed through various Releasing Eagles outreach projects and initiatives. With great excitement and commitment we embark on a venture of enrichment for young woman from all walks of life.

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We are group of professionals who volunteer our time to keep to help shape the next generation of leaders through mentorship and coaching. We do this whilst holding down fulltime jobs, families and sometimes studying as well. These are the people who sacrifice to make a difference and who make the vision of Releasing Eagles a reality.


Cape Town