A message from our mentors for 2021

A message from our mentors for 2021

The essence of life is to do good and to serve others and that is what mentorship means to me. Serving as a mentor as well as the Joburg mentor lead has been the most rewarding experience filled with empowerment, growth, discovery and friendship. I have had the opportunity to collaborate and partner with my mentee towards her journey of personal development.

To my amazing team of mentors (Ashona, Hlengiwe, Solho, Tholi and Thulisile) thank you for showing up in excellence and love.

To my Releasing Eagles family thank you for the platform to learn, to grow, to be inspired and to be change makers.

To making magic RE style! ~ Robin Monakali

Can you imagine what life would be like if you had a positive role model earlier on in life, someone you could call for advice and guidance on how to better prepare for the future?

This is what we have been focused on for the last 18 years. At Releasing Eagles we aim to equip the future generation with the needed tools to grow holistically including, Emotional, Financial, Spiritual and Cultural Intelligence.

We are calling for Mentors with a passion to assist and serve, that kid taking on adult responsibilities because they only have a single parent, maybe you have the ability to advise a young champion on how to make better decisions that may be off course.

If this is something that speaks to you, contact us today!

A few 2021 Mentor Testimonials

Thuli Zuzani: “My journey with RE has been filled with love and comradery. I acknowledge that most of my success this year has been fuelled by RE through my Coach Gail.

RE has also given me my first opportunity to be a mentor which has improved my soccer coaching ability in view that I am able to relate to children much more

I will never forget the food parcels that you handed to us.  A heart-warming experience.

RE should be listed as one of national tribes in this country because wow!!

Thank You.

Thulisile Mdolomba: “My experience at Releasing Eagles (RE) summarizes the concept of “Inyathi Ibuzwa kwabaphambili” meaning that wisdom is sought from elders.  It has been such a great pleasure and honor to serve RE as a mentor and to be part of the amazing team. I was afforded an opportunity to pave a way to those who come after me.  I truly enjoyed every moment, and every lesson gained.

In the early days of my career I needed someone to hold my hand, encourage and help me deal with day-to-day challenges I came across.  Being part of this team feels like a home I needed in the early days of my career while I was trying to find my way in the world of employment. 

Having been on the same journey as the mentees, I truly believe that this platform is the place to be, it will allow you to focus on your efforts and get the best return on your time investment.

I am so grateful for being afforded this opportunity to give back to my surrounding community and honor the spirit of Nelson Mandela. Being a mentor was rewarding and uplifting at the same time.  I felt welcomed and appreciated for my efforts.

Keep up the good work.”

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