Releasing Eagles Book

Releasing Eagles Book


Through the dedication and passion ignited on that humble starting point—her grandmother’s couch—this journey has blossomed into a powerful force. It extends its reach far beyond boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of youth around the world.

This movement stands as a testament to the incredible potential for positive change that can emerge from even the most modest beginnings.

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Are you currently experiencing a sense of being stuck, frustrated, or even hopeless?

Dr. Candice Booysen’s empowering book is designed to rekindle your pursuit of dreams and reignite your fighting spirit.

“Releasing Eagles” narrates inspiring stories of young individuals on the Cape Flats who confront hardships with resilience, using each experience as a stepping stone to greater heights, much like the majestic eagle soaring above the storm.

While life’s storms are unavoidable, this book sheds light on what distinguishes the eagle from other birds – its remarkable ability to respond to adversity.