Cape Town Coaching Circle

Our second coach circle held on Tuesday, 11 July 2017

We are meeting for our second coach circle, it has been 2 months since our last meeting and only the second or third time some of us have met each other. Yet, there is warmth and familiarity in our greeting’s and hello’s that would make a stranger think that we are all old friends. I have been looking forward to this time where we can come together, connected by the love and passion we share in being of service to the young community of our country.

 We have a new trendy venue donated to us, Workshop 17 at the Waterfront, which was organised by one of our dedicated coaches because we are all spread far and wide across the Cape, even as far as Touws River, and the City was most central. We would like to extend our thanks to Workshop 17 for the use of their venue.

As we begin to settle around the large table with some yummy snacks, I look around and can’t help but feel a swell of pride to be sitting here amongst these professionals who are dedicating their time and sharing a wealth of skills and knowledge in the support and growth of our youth.

Our meeting now heads into full swing and we are given the opportunity to share our experience of the past two months. It has been the first quarter of our journey as a life coach in the RE programme and I am excited to listen and participate in one another’s reflections.

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know, But if you listen, you may learn something new” Dalai Lama xiiv 

As I listen and partake in the discussions that are happening I can’t help but feel like we are weaving threads of support like threads are woven into fabric, that is how to see our role as coaches. We are weaving threads of support into the beautiful blanket that is Releasing Eagles.

As our meeting wraps up we set dates for our next circle and say our goodbyes. It is dark and cold outside and I am looking forward to getting into my warm car. As I am driving home I reflect on our meeting I think again of the blanket metaphor and the threads being woven. How not just us as coaches we are weaving threads, but all those who are involved in RE are weaving their thread of support too. From the mentors to the mentees, and everyone else who volunteers, there are so many amazing people and organisations who are growing this beautiful blanket of support.

I am left feeling honoured and very humbled to be a part of this programme and their amazing work, and grateful to be doing my part in weaving threads of support in the young community of our country with my fellow coaches.

Taflyn Allen

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