RE pilot inclusion of young gentlemen in Cape Town region

Hello, my name is Dirk Devis and I am a coach for the first pilot gentleman’s group participating in the Releasing Eagles program within the Cape Town region. I have also taken on the role as the coach coordinator for all the amazing coaches that have joined the Cape Town coaching group for 2017.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am married and have 2 children as well as 3 grandchildren, of which the third one will be born in August. My wife Launa and I are currently residing in Clamhall, Parow.

I started my career as a mechanical engineer since 1980 and moved on to industrial engineering, having worked at various large corporations, lately within the mining and petrochemical industry.

I have always been interested in the God-given amazing potential of our “being-ness” as a human being, as the foundation for authentic living. So, about 7 years ago I also qualified as a professional coach and as such became passionate about coaching open-minded self-driven people on being successful with ease, at best actualising one’s personal and professional potential as well as associated business aspirations.

Since then I practised as an in-house management and leadership coach within the Sasol Operations for about 5 years till the beginning of 2015. Due to operations downsizing, I decided to start my own coaching business called Frontier Coaching.

The Releasing Eagles programme has now given me the opportunity to give back to the community in the form of coaching young people on being the best they can be within their role as a mentor as well as in their community; as leaders in a professional and entrepreneurial capacity.

It is, therefore, a privilege to coach two of the five male mentors of the pilot gentlemen’s group within the programme namely Thato Kevin Mokhethi, LLB Law student, and Olwethu Nkonzo, B Com student, at UWC. Both of them are also active within the student society and have already taken on influential roles within the community. Thato mentors Kagiso Yako from Kay Mason Foundation School and Olwethu mentors Simon Manda from Milnerton High School.

The third member of the male mentor group is Duncan Johnson and he is coached by Madge du Preez. Duncan studies music at UCT with a focus on jazz compositions and arrangements. He is already a leading light with regards to promoting music to the community. He also teaches music and how to play various instruments at some primary and high schools. His mentee is Fagan and he is also from the Kay Mason Foundation School

The fourth member is Morne Minders and he is both a coach and a mentor within the RE programme. Morne has studied Industrial Psychology at the North-West University, Potchefstroom and obtained a Honours degree in it. During his studies, he also worked as a student consultant. Morne has now 2 part time jobs ie a real estate agent and a tutor in English via a web-based platform to Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese students. Morne’s mentee name is Josiah Micheal Cook and he is going to Settlers high.

The fifth member calls himself Songs, which is also coached by Morne. Songs is a 4th year IT student and who is also currently applying for his Honours degree. Songs mentee name is Jess De Kock and is from Christ Generation Christian School.

The message I like to leave with the mentors and mentees of this programme is that whatever the journey you have chosen: enjoy the journey however, maintain your focus on the objective of your journey whatever and how long it takes, keep a positive attitude and be in integrity (ie do what you said you would by when you said you will do it) along the way, as well as be grateful for the support that’s coming your way. Above all remember that … people do not care what you know … until they know that you care!

With Love and Gratitude,

Dirk Devis

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