The ability to love and Soar as a Mentor

My Mentor journeyed a birth to an invite to attend a Releasing Eagles briefing session. Arriving at the venue, I was greeted by the calming and comforting Judy, walking into a room brimming with love, passion and warmth. The remarkable Pamela introduced herself and imparted information about RELEASING EAGLES. Her passion for this programme and her envision for the possibilities of change made me recognise and spark my passion for women empowerment.

Participating in this organisation has created a path for mentoring young ladies. This has allowed for a contribution to initiate an opportunity in creating access to a Mentee. Releasing Eagles has entrusted my involvement aiming in successfully leading the mentee path of self-improvement and higher moral values. My mission is to assist this phenomenal organisation’s vision of changing young lives, which will lead to the mentee realisation of their innate potential, embracing their unique qualities and being the best version of themselves.

Our struggles for / with life has empowered us, to provide encouragement to our future generation. My mission is to inspire and lead through demonstrating how living through a lens of self-appreciation and loving oneself without preconditions can offer a renewed positive outlook on life. This will allow to restore our mentee’s outlook for their future especially with the negative portrayal of themselves and their role in society. I struggle with the word perfect , I prefer to say ” to inspire yourself to achieve excellence ” , In whatever you focus your talents and skills on and you will become the best version of yourself .

Our future generation will look back and see what actions we took, and we need do our part in preserving this legacy. We have a responsibility for our children and we want our kids to evolve into an improved society. While our generation is connecting technologically, knowledge is growing. We need to start improving others’ lives, and as a Mentor at Releasing Eagles I have committed MYSELF to make a difference.

Live an exceptional life, immersed in gratitude, despite its imperfections- Bonita Newkirk

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